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World War One @ LSE


WW1 @ LSE: a common cause draws on the Library's collections to feature a selection of digital images related to the First World War.


1:54 AM - 15 Oct via Twitter

New collection added to Digital Library @LSELibrary The Fabian Society & Young Fabians Archive digital.library.lse.ac.uk/collections/fabiansociety #LOVELSE

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Featured CollectionFabian Society and Young Fabians

The Fabian Tracts, Fabian Minute Books and Young Fabians pamphlets: a collection of materials from Britain's oldest political think tank. Founded in 1884, the Society is at the forefront of developing political ideas and public policy on the left.

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Featured CollectionCharles Booth Archive

The Maps, Descriptive of London Poverty and police notebooks from the Charles Booth Archive.

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